Shekinah Bongco


When God says let go, I will follow

I wonder how many heartbreaks we could ever avoid, when we just follow, and let go. Hi, we meet again. When relationships start blossoming, I always get to hear the juiciest details from how they met to what their relationship status really is. One can’t erase the excitement relationships bring. “What does God say about […]


It’s Time to Come Home.

Here’s to the ones who wandered away from home. Maybe you forgot how much the Father loves you, so you wandered away to go on a journey of your own. Maybe you got too familiar with Him that His presence no longer excites you. You then leave, looking for other places that can satisfy the […]

Pixie Dust Shek

Pixie Dust

If one day, you find out that I have turned into dust, I do not want you to wonder why. I will go to the second star to the right– to Neverland; a place where kids never grow up. I will go to the place where my inner child can find healing. I heard that […]

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Quit the Act: Embracing Vulnerability.

Confusion. That’s what people feel when they see people [leaders], in church struggling with sin. “I thought he’s Christian. Why did he do that?”. “See, you’re a leader! Why are you like that?” There are unspoken expectations when people know that you’re Christian–more so, if you’re a “Christian Leader”. People have this fascination in putting others on the pedestal. Ha, […]

Grades that don’t define me… anymore.

Hey everyone! School got in the way, thus the hiatus. But hey, I’m back! Speaking of school, there’s something that I’ve been wanting to talk about. The past few weeks had been a drag. I’ve been throwing all-nighters, forcing energy drinks down my throat (that is not entirely healthy, but yeah. I needed those), and […]


Hello, World!

The time has come to reveal… my age. Just kidding! Today, November 11, 1996, is my birthday and I would like to reveal this gift that I have given myself last month. I bought a hosting plan and a domain name for my blog! I’ve been dreaming of buying my own domain name. I just […]